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Good for one vehicle

Share Card ClubsTM

5 washes/month - Good for any vehicle

Cartastic!  Car-a-bunga! Car'monget'um!

You can't make up enough words to describe the CarbuX FAST PASS. Quite literally, these are the greatest clubs ever invented.  The Men's Hair Club, your dad's Stamp Club, and even your beloved Sliced Cheese Club are way out of their league. 

The CarbuX FAST PASS stands alone.  Check these out to see why:

$16 buX - Wash-a-day for only $30 per month

$11 buX - 10 washes for $20 per month 

$8 buX - 10 washes for $15 per month 

Think about this...you can wash your vehicle once per day, EVERY day with the $16 buX Wash for only $30 per month!  The $16 buX is the granddaddy of all our washes, and it includes your choice of air freshener or dash wipe with every wash.

No one likes math, but our accountant says that works out to $1-a-day. Seriously?  Seriously!

Here's how it works:

  • Drive up to one of the autocashiers at any CarbuX.  
  • Press the Join Club button.
  • Follow the onscreen instructions when prompted.
  • Show your receipt to the tunnel attendant.
  • The attendant will hand you an easy application to complete.  
  • We place a small, white rfid tag on the windshield behind your rear view mirror (it is about 1/2"high X 3"wide).  The tag is good for only one (1) vehicle.
  • The next time that you want to wash your vehicle, pull to any one of the autocashiers as if you were going to buy a wash.  The antennas underneath the entrance canopy will automatically read your tag.
  • No need to roll down your window, use a card, or touch the screen.
  • Wash, rinse, and repeat as your friends and neighbors marvel at your clean machine.

Note: Some vehicles have rain sensors and/or metallic or tinted windshields which will not allow the RFID to be read by our system. Unfortunately, those vehicles are not eligible for the CarbuX FAST Pass Clubs.  For those vehicles, we recommend Share Cards.


Who keeps their car cleaner, you or your spouse? Do your kids sometimes borrow your car, then bring it back dirty? Shouldn't everyone in your family get to enjoy a clean ride? With the Monthly Share CardTM Program, everyone can. Sign up for the share club card of your choice, keep it in your glove box, then clean your car whenever you need it. Simple, cheap, and most of all clean!




Each of these cards can be shared with friends and family members. The main card holder will be automatically billed each month and he/she can cancel at any time (after a 2 month minimum). So what are you waiting for? Get a CarbuX Monthly Share CardTM Today and get ready for your vehicle to shine!




  • Two (2) month minimum sign up.
  • Monthly credit card bill on your anniversary date.
  • 30 day cancellation notice at carbuxcarwash.com.
  • Unused washes do not rollover.
  • Transportation services not eligible.
  • Other terms and conditions apply.
Sign up at your nearest CarbuX the next time you visit or click here to send an email for more information.

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