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CarbuX Car Wash Green Team

In 2008, CarbuX initiated the most comprehensive recycling plan of any car wash facility in the country.   We decided to start recycling the thousands of plastic bottles and aluminum cans that our customers throw away at our car washes.  Signage on our trash cans, on the canopies over our vacuum area, and in other visible locations alert customers to our renewed efforts to be a responsible corporate citizen.  Customers have easy access to the recycling containers, one for plastic and one for aluminum. 

After customers have used our vacuum stations, we remove the unwanted bottles and cans from the trash containers, empty the contents, and then place them in the recycle bins.  We then place the bags, filled with recyclables, in the storage corral until they are picked up.  In addition, we recycle approximately 80% of our wash water, all of our cardboard, the plastic drums for our chemicals, the numerous wooden pallets, and other items that we personally deliver to various local recycling centers.   

Does your school or non-profit want to join the CarbuX Green Team.  Email us at greenteam@carbuxcarwash.com for more information on how you can start your own recycling initiative.  

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