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About Us

Mission Statement: To provide the highest quality car wash experience that emphasizes technology, speed, cleanliness, and customer service with a passionate commitment to our local community, environment, natural resources, and most importantly, our employees.

CarbuX Car Wash is the revolution in car washing that your automobile has been waiting for. Designed around the mantra "Cheaper, faster, better" (or is it "Faster, Better, Cheaper?"), we set out to simplify car washing. What took so long?

We searched the country and even the world to find the best technology and processes available. Ben Alford of Benny's Car Wash in Baton Rouge, LA deserves the credit for developing this new format which he discovered in Germany at Dr. Enning's Mr. Car Wash. We also visited Dr. Enning's incredible facility, but Benny, along with his son Justin, put an American face on this concept. We saw much more than just a beautiful facility at Benny's. We saw happy customers and smiling cars...lots of them.

So armed with this new vision, we set out to create a unique facility in our home town. From the start, we decided that the people of Jacksonville deserve the best, most technologically advanced equipment in the world. From there we did our best to insure that your trip through CarbuX Car Wash is a smooth and enjoyable (Dare we say "Fun"?) experience.

CarbuX Car Wash only uses chemicals that are safe for your vehicle's finish and the environment. Our soft foam equipment (NO BRUSHES!) applies just the right amount of pressure without being aggressive so that your vehicle is cleaned quickly and effectively. A 5,000 gallon spot free reverse osmosis system is used to rinse your vehicle at the end of the wash process so that spotting is minimized. Finally, your car is dried by a 120 hp blower system so advanced, that it even blows the water out of your mirrors.

After the car wash, you can vacuum your vehicle for free at any one of our 27 vacuum stations. And don't forget the best part...at only $5 buX, a CarbuX Car Wash is cheaper and more fun than a latte at Coffeebucks.

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